The Ceiling is the Roof for Moore

Photo by Matt Kryger of the IndyStar

Clifton Moore has one of the higher ceilings of anyone on Indiana’s roster. People on the national stage have even started to take notice as the 6’10 freshman was projected as a first round pick in one 2019 mock draft.

Head coach Archie Miller feels Moore has worked hard enough this fall to put himself in a position to contribute this season. “I feel as though Cliff, because of the way he works and as gifted athletically and talented as he is, will show glimpses as a freshman of what he can be,” said Miller.

Miller also feels Moore is going to get better and better as the season moves along. “My hope is that he can help us with multiple positions in the frontcourt with our depth, and I think that as the season moves into January, February, and March, you are going see a guy really blossom into what we think is going to be a star here one day.”

Despite being very talented, Moore still has to learn the college game like any young player does. “Early on here, I don’t want to say he’s wet behind the ears or a little young, but he’s like a slippery guy on ice skates out there at times, just getting his footing,” said Miller. “But we’ve seen him take big jumps from week to week. From a conditioning level and a mobility standpoint, he’s as gifted as any player I’ve ever been around, and I think that speaks volumes.”

Junior forward Juwan Morgan has also been impressed with Moore’s mindset during the offseason. “As far as Cliff, he just has a willingness to learn. Every time something goes wrong, he’s never just putting his head down, he’s asking what he can do to change that,” said Morgan.

With the transition to the next level, Moore has had to make several adjustments. “From a basketball standpoint, I’d say the biggest change would be learning the system and how Archie wants me to play in it,” said Moore. “In high school I had free range to do whatever I wanted to, but with Archie’s organized system, I just have to learn where to be in the right place and how to run it correctly.”

Moore is a very versatile player and he feels Miller’s system will allow him to show that. “In practice, I’m usually around blocking the paint, but I’d say my strength would be on the perimeter or like in the midrange area,” said Moore. “With Archie’s system, you can do a variety of different things, and I see myself playing all over the place.”

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