Center Grove’s Freshman RB Carson Steele: The Real Deal

The Real Deal Carson Steele has landed on the Northwest-side of town and the North Central Panthers were stunned in front of their home crowd. Here’s how it went down for the 14-year-old Freshman running back from the Center Grove Trojans. Not only did he rack up 84 yards on 20 carriers but also another 20 yards receiving out the backfield. Talk about your traditional running back.

The 5’11 198 pound Freshman has the running back prototype to put the Trojans in the direction that could possibly lead to a state title! The Panthers, on the other hand, played a strong game throughout but it was the missed call by the official, on a muffed punt which leads to D.J. Johnson picking the fumble up and running 14 yards for the touchdown. To rule the ball down by the ruling of fair catch!

The Trojans defense played well in the 1st half as they did in the 2nd but the Panthers only score was in the 1st quarter by George Stokes the Panthers leading rusher on the season finishing with a medley 45 yards on 18 yards his lowest output for the season. Liam Thompson connected with Cool Cole Maguire on 11 receptions, 113 yards with his longest catch becoming of 30′ yards. You can always count on Maguire to get those short yards or across the middle.

But it was the “Real Deal” Carson Steele causing havoc and giving panther defender the junk movement like on “John Madden”┬áto miss him on numerous tackles accounting for 2 touchdowns. It was Quarterback “Jackson Moore” of the Trojans who remained poised and steady throughout the game.

Completeing 8 out of 12 attempts for 102 yards on the night. The Panthers defense showed lack of intensity and paying attention to detail on assignments and missing pass protection schemes!

Overall both teams played hard but Center Grove made a statement after losing last week to Ben Davis. Coming into North Central and beating the Panthers at Home 24-7, the Panthers are gonna need a good week of practice because it doesn’t get easy from here. Carmel Greyhounds Friday- enuff said!

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