Coach Kelly: “Is that – is that good enough for you?”


Coach Kelly takes questions from reporters at his post game press conference after Notre Dame's loss to Georgia on Saturday night.

Here we go again, folks. It’s the same song with a different chorus for the Fighting Irish football team. Rather this time, there was something the Irish managed to do (besides lose a big game) to gain national attention, and it came at the hands of a disgruntled Coach Kelly after he argued with a reporter. Here’s the exchange that followed:

Reporter: “Obviously you made a ton of changes, changed the culture… Everything. But obviously, you lost and at the very end, kind of like last year, seven of eight losses, how do you…”

Kelly: “What’s the question?”

Reporter: “I’m getting to it.”

Kelly: “Well, get to the question.”

Reporter: “How do you keep this from snowballing?”

Kelly: “It’s not going to snowball. Next question.”

Reporter: “Well, what exactly will be different, I guess?”

Kelly: “There’s nothing different. I go to work every day, and I coach my football team.”

Reporter: “Okay.”

Kelly: “Is that — is that good enough for you?”

Reporter: “Yeah, I was just asking about how it was different from last year’s losing by one possession.”

Kelly: “Okay.”

Reporter: “Tonight was also like that, so I was just wondering.”

Kelly: “Losing by one possession?”

Reporter: “Yeah.”

Kelly: “No, it was one point.” *Coach Kelly exits*

Now, obviously this confrontation comes following another loss not only at home, but also to a ranked Georgia team that was starting a true Freshman at QB (following a week 1 injury to QB Jacob Eason). Coach Kelly asks a very important question during the intense back and forth, and I’m not sure he even realized it.

“Is that – is that good enough for you?”

So, to answer his question, I’ll use the stats straight from the team site.

  • QB Brandon Wimbush completed 50% of his passes for 210 yards, 0 INT’s, 0 Passing TD’s (1 rushing TD)
  • ALL rushers combined totaled 89 yards and 1 TD (Wimbush).
  • Josh Adams led all receivers with 60 yards and no TD’s

In totality, on a night where scoring was minimal, these are the statistics we are given as a fan base. Notre Dame was AT HOME, coming off a win, healthy, and a 4.5 point favorite (according to I will tell you with 100% confidence, NO, Coach Kelly, that result is NOT good enough for me.

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