Davis a New and Improved Version of Himself

Photo by Michelle Pemberton of the Indy Star

A new and improved version of De’Ron Davis is preparing for his sophomore season at Indiana. Over the summer, Davis shed over 20 pounds with the help of new strength coach, Cliff Marshall.

Archie Miller feels consistency will be key for Davis as he continues to prepare for the season. “The biggest difference for De’Ron is going to be to do it every single day. You have to be able to bring it every single day. You can’t have a couple good days, and then all of a sudden, you kind of tail off at the end,” said Miller. “That’s a big thing for him. Not being lazy, at times, defensively, you know, things like that.”

Miller also feels Davis can be a force on the offensive end for the Hoosiers. “We have to be able to get him the ball. I think the more he touches the ball, the better our team will be because he can pass, he’s got great feel. I think he can score the ball and get fouled,” said Miller. “But he also to me has a presence. To me, I’m really hopeful that De’Ron, in talking to him, is ready to try and take this on, because it’s not going to be as easy as he thinks it is.”

IU forward Juwan Morgan has noticed a change in Davis this fall. “For De’Ron, I’ve just seen a newfound confidence in him,” said Morgan. “I just believe, since he’s been changing his body, he’s just more confident in his game. He’s more willing to go at people instead of just saying, ‘Oh, I’m too tired,’ or just taking a couple plays off.”

Davis believes that being in much better shape will allow him to play above the rim a lot more this year. “Last year I know that, when I got tired in practice, I kind of got quiet, but this year I’m starting to not be as quiet, be more of a vocal leader and also a visual leader,” said Davis. “Just my main focus is trying to play above the rim, try to be athletic, try to be fast with my moves, and be precise with my moves.”

De’Ron also believes his game will take a jump on the defensive end this season. “I think I’m going to be way better defensively. In high school, I took pride on defense, and me coming in late, out of shape, kind of hindered that a lot,” said Davis. “Me defensively, I’m just focusing on running up and down the court, not fouling, and keeping my hands straight up.”

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