Draft Profile: Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown

Offensive Tackle, University of Oklahoma, 6’8″ 345 lbs.,

Unanimous All-American,

Outland Trophy finalist.

One of this years top offensive linemen, Orlando Brown is a giant among men. His bully style of blocking has made him a nightmare for the Big 12 during his time in Norman. A good OT will always be in demand, especially when the league is full of edge rushers that can make life difficult for QBs. Scouts will fall in love with his size and blocking ability.

However, despite all his gifts, he does have his faults. Looking at his game tape, he may be worth the pick despite them.


Aside from his daunting height, Brown’s run blocking ability is ridiculous. As soon as he gets you into those tree trunks he calls arms, you’re going no where. As soon as his guy is locked in, he’s only going one of two places: backwards or on their back.


Despite his athleticism, Brown lacks ideal quickness, especially in pass protection. At times he seems too dependent on his size to block, but in the NFL his size will not be as unique, he will have to focus on footwork and proper angles to be successful. In the NFL, defenders are, as Kanye says, bigger, faster, stronger.


I like the fit Brown would give the Colts. Anthony Castonzo has solidified the left tackle spot and Ryan Kelly is the teams answer at center, but the other spots are up for grabs. Assuming a healthy Andrew Luck, who’s one of the three highest paid players, protecting him should be the teams biggest priority. Orlando Brown could be the answer to a revolving door at right tackle, and give the Colts a young, solid core of offensive lineman with amazing potential. Brown could possibly be available with the Colts second round pick (#35), but most likely will be a late 1st rounder.

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