Frank Reich: The Quarterback Whisperer

The new Colts Head Coach has been wildly successful with the Quarterbacks he has coached.

Frank Reich, coach
Photo: AP Photo, Michael Conroy

The energy in Indianapolis and surrounding areas is palpable. After a week of turmoil, and quite frankly, angst, the Colts have scored their head coach. Frank Reich, who was most currently the Philadelphia Eagles Offensive coordinator was locked down to a five-year deal. Thus, the Indianapolis Colts have scored the Super Bowl winning coordinator, and not the losing one. Fans have to feel encouraged with that fact alone, but there are more points on Frank Reich’s résumé that are sure to excite the Colts faithful.

Throughout his coaching history, Reich has been notoriously known for grooming successful quarterbacks. The list of names on Reich’s quarterback ticker are some of the most well known in the modern NFL. One has to assume that Frank Reich played a vital role in making those signal callers what they are today. Now, he can set his sights on Andrew Luck.

Before he does that, let us look at his previous quarterback coaching experience.

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