Poll: Should the Indiana Pacers Make a Deal Before the Trade Deadline?

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The NBA trade deadline is vastly approaching as it is on February 8 at 3:00 P.M. EST. With being said, I wanted to ask fans whether they believe that the Indiana Pacers should make a move or not before the deadline happens. They were a team that was not held high regard before the season but currently have a 30-25 record and are 6th in the Eastern Conference.

Before participating in the poll, I highly recommend reading my article that I wrote previewing the trade deadline from the Pacers’ perspective. I analyzed their top trade assets, most significant weaknesses, and the options that they have in terms of potential philosophies that they could use. They have plenty of options but it doesn’t mean that they have to do anything either.

Should the Indiana Pacers make a trade before the deadline?

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It is worth mentioning that Pacers general manager Chad Buchanan said on Fox Sports Indiana in late January that he would like to add more shooters around Victor Oladipo but doesn’t want

“The way the league is going right now, shooting is a premium. And the more shooting you can put around a playmaker like Victor…He is a guy who can get to the basket. Those guys need space and shooters create space for that. That’s a big reason why Victor has been successful is those guys around him occupy a defender and that gives him space to operate. And when they don’t occupy a defender Victor throws it to them and they are knocking down shots.

“The more shooting we can add is going to be a premium for us moving forward.”

While adding more shooting would be nice, Buchanan does not want to sacrifice the long-term sustainability of the team to make that happen in the immediate future.

“We’re in no hurry to change up anything with this team… It’d be great to get into the playoffs because I don’t think anybody anticipated us getting to where we’re at today, but we’re also not going to sacrifice long-term sustainability for a short-term run.”

“We realize where we’re at in the hierarchy of the NBA.There’s a lot of teams in our little area. We want something that can be sustainable for the next 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years. We want Victor to have a great run here with a lot of great teams. We’ve got to continue to methodically add to that core that we’re starting to build with him.”

I would appreciate it if you all left a comment below regarding who you want the Indiana Pacers to target or if you had any particular trade ideas. I would also like to hear why you wouldn’t want them to make a trade if that is your stance. Your feedback in the poll and in the comments section are greatly appreciated.

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  1. One trade thought I had is: Joseph, R. Jefferson & our 2nd rounder the first year it is retained to DENVER for Faried, Mudiday, R. Jefferson and Denver’s 2018 1st. Indiana adds less than $400K in salary so still has $5M in cap to sign a bought out player later this year. Denver gets a veteran PG that provides help on defense plus some valuable cap relief next year. Indiana gets an extra #1 pick, a rebounding big plus an inexpensive 2nd unit guard to pair with Lance.

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