Josh Adams For Heisman?

The Irish are now half way through their season, and await USC in two weeks. All over social media, people have been talking about Penn State’s running back, Saquon Barkley. What about Josh Adams?

Barkley vs Adams

Adams has more rushing yards then Barkley through six games, ranked at number six in the nation. Adams is also number six in the nation in yards per attempt, averaging over 9 yards per carry.

Josh Adams has 776 yards in only 86 attempts. For Barkley, he only has 649 yards with 106 attempts. Why is Josh Adams not in the conversation for Heisman?

This past week, Barkley had 75 yards on 16 carries against Northwestern. Josh Adams had 74 yards on 1 carry against UNC and finished with 118 yards and 13 carries. Adams had 100 yards rushing before halftime. The Fighting Irish has had over 100 yards rushing in 4 of 6 games. All of those 100 yards, have come before halftime. Saquon Barkley has had over 100 yards rushing in 2 of 6 games for Penn State.

The Penn State running back has 2 receiving TDs and 4 rushing TDs half way through the season. Adams has 5 rushing TDs and has scored atleast 1 TD in 3 of 6 games. Still, why isn’t Adams being talked about?


Josh Adams through 6 games:

776 rushing yards

84 receiving yards

5 TDs

86 total carries

Didn’t play in 7-8 Quarters

Saquon Barkley through 6 games:

649 rushing yards

396 receiving yards

6 rushing TDs, 2 receiving TDS

106 total carries

Has played in all quarters


In my opinion, and based on stats, Adams is the best running back in the nation with the exception of Bryce Love. The Stanford running back has absolutely dominated every game this year. The running back conversation for The Heisman, should be between Josh Adams and Bryce Love. Not between Bryce Love and Saquon Barkley.

Based solely on stats, Adams is the better back. But it’s been Barkley who has gotten all of the national attention. When talking Heisman, it should be a two-horse race between Adams and Love, with Barkley on the outside looking in.

My question for you: Does Josh Adams deserve the Heisman?