Morgan Has Chance to Create New Vision for Himself

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Juwan Morgan has been a solid two-way player for Indiana during his first two seasons with the program. Juwan’s versatility combined with Archie Miller’s system should give him the opportunity to become a much bigger threat on the offensive end of the court this season.

Archie Miller believes Morgan has a chance to create a new vision for himself on the court. “He’s a tremendous kid and a hard worker. But I think he’s having to learn a little bit about responsibility of production,” said Miller. “He’s going to be asked to do things and get production in a way that he hasn’t, and that’s been interesting to kind of see how he’s developed.”

Miller believes his 6’8 junior forward has the ability to become more effective on the offense end of the court. “Juwan has to become more of an offensive minded player from a production standpoint. He’s got great skills. I think he’s got to do it consistently over the course of some months,” said Miller.

Morgan put in a lot of work during the off-season to grow his offensive game, and he saw his hard work pay off when he attended Adidas Nations this summer. “It was a great experience just playing all the top players from college basketball and then even a few coming into college basketball, like Michael Porter,” said Morgan.

Morgan shot the three ball at a high level during his time at Nations. “One thing I did well there was shoot. Like, every time we went down, my coach that I had for my team was just telling me shoot every time I touched it. That was kind of fun”

Indiana Men’s Basketball: Juwan Morgan Impresses at Adidas Nations

Morgan believes that practices have really helped him grow his offensive game. “Since we’re playing so much together, I think we know the different tendencies just from watching each other, and I think it makes it that much harder to get to your offensive game, and I think it makes it that much better for the person on offense to develop those skills,” said Morgan. “I just have to be aggressive, and whenever I see something, I have to take it.”

Morgan’s classmates, Thomas Bryant and OG Anunoby, are starting their NBA careers, and that has pushed Morgan to work even harder. “It motivates me a lot, especially just knowing them for so long,” said Morgan. “I still talk to them every day, and they still just motivate me, telling me that I have to get there. That’s the best thing ever. I think that’s a great testament to their friendship as well.”

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