Purdue vs. Rutgers: The Good and the Bad

via Scarlet Nation
Here’s what went well for the Boilers Saturday against Rutgers, as well as what went wrong.


1st Quarter

Best Plays: Purdue’s Jared Sparks option in the 1st series.

Worst Plays: Allowing Rutgers’ Gus Edwards a 74 yard TD run

2nd Quarter

Best Plays: DJ Knox fake flea flicker, fake punt for a first down.

Worst Plays: 4th down QB run by Blough, Sindelar INT with two minutes to go in the first half.

3rd Quarter

Best Plays: Defensive stop on the first drive of the quarter; Field goal.

Worst Plays: Allowing Rutgers’ Blackshear touchdown.

4th Quarter

Best Plays: Okonye’s sack, Blough’s 20 yard run (almost a certain sack), Blough’s touchdown pass.

Worst Plays: 4th and 1 incomplete pass, Sindelar interception.


The story on offense was the dropped passes. Purdue definitely needs to go back and work on hand drills. There are still winnable games left on the schedule, so hopefully the Boilers can get back on track this week against Nebraska.