Tony Dungy Goes from “Mentor” to Critic of Josh McDaniels Today

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Tony Dungy is beloved in the city of Indianapolis.  He brought the Lombardi to the city back in 2006.  He is a Super Bowl winning, Hall of Fame coach and when he speaks most people listen especially Colts fans.

During the most recent Colts head coaching search it was brought to light that Dungy spoke with Josh McDaniels from time to time since his failure as a head coach in Denver. Some outlets went as far as suggesting Dungy was some sort of “mentor” to McDaniels. Whenever asked about Josh, Dungy only had positive things to say about the young man.

In an interview with WISH_TV’s Anthony Calhoun, he was quoted as saying “Josh McDaniels, I think will do an exceptional job at putting a very good football team out there…offensive genius.”  He was put on record on many broadcasts openly expressing his approval on the Colt’s hiring of McDaniels.

I myself as a diehard Colts fan have a very special place in my heart for Tony. If someone is good enough to meet his standards they sure as heck are good enough for me.  Listening to Dungy praise McDaniels and talk about how he has learned from his mistakes in Denver makes what he said this morning even more shocking. Below is this morning tweet from Tony Dungy himself:

Dungy was extremely passionate about his opinion as he went right at fans who tried to put up an argument, see below:

The back and forth bickering continued between himself and a few fans.  Many of Dungy’s comments were directed towards McDaniels’s character and integrity, ironically the characteristics he praised about for months leading up to this.

“This is all on Josh McDaniels.  He’s a grown man and has to take responsibility for his decisions.” Wrote Dungy.

He was very sensitive when he wrote about the coaches and the families of the coaches this decision affected.

“Has nothing to do with the Colts.  It’s about the families of those assistant coaches that he totally disregarded.  But who cares about them???!” wrote Dungy, and he continued with “I happen to have friends who are assistant coaches who were impacted by this.  But I feel just as badly for the two coaches who I don’t know.”

If Dungy was, in fact, a mentor to Josh McDaniels, either McDaniels was sleeping through class or he simply did not listen to the advice of the Hall of Fame coach.

Tony Dungy called Josh McDaniels actions “indefensible”.

As a Colts fan who loves Tony Dungy, I consider anyone who doesn’t heed his advice as indefensible.

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  1. Josh should never have committed to the Colts if he had doubts. Nobody can blame him for staying with a winning organization. Look at the Colts they still don’t know if Luck will be able to play again and at 100%?

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